Eighth Grade Homework

Monday: Family Life p. 43 and 44 due tomorrow

Tuesday: none

Wednesday:  ditto 8B due tomorrow

Thursday:  Family Life p. 55 and 56 due tomorrow

Friday: none

Monday: Fairy Tale due Thursday

Tuesday: Fairy Tale due Thursday

Wednesday: Fairy Tale due tomorrow

Thursday:  p 88 and 89 due tomorrow

Friday:   none

Monday: ditto 10-7 due tomorrow

Tuesday:  Practice/Study for test on Thursday

Wednesday: Practice/Study for test tomorrow

Thursday:  none

Friday:  none

Week ending 3/23/18

Test: our Science Expo project will culminate this week and count as a test grade.  Group presentations will be Monday & Tuesday of next week. This will be a separate grade.

Monday – Tests were given back. Please review them.


Wednesday –


Start of Chapter 13 Progressivism

Ch 13 Progressivism

Must finish G.R 13.2 & Primary Source Doc 13.1 for monday

Monday:  TKAM Skill Ditto due tomorrow, Vocab Quiz Section 5 on Fri.

Tuesday:  TKAM Vocab Quiz Section 5 on Fri.

Wednesday: TKAM Vocab Quiz Section 5 on Fri.

Thursday: Vocab Quiz Section 5 Tomorrow, Comprehension Sheet 5 due Mon.

Friday: Comprehension Sheet 5 due Mon.

Unit 25 pages due Thursday, March 22nd

Unit 25 Test on Friday, March 23rd

Unit 13 Vocabulary Pages on Tuesday, Mar. 20th

Unit 13 Vocabulary Quiz on Wednesday, Mar. 21st

Quiz Tuesday on ER and IR Verbs…STUDY

Please remember to return you report card envelopes!!!