Fifth Grade Homework

We will begin Family Life Monday morning, 3/19.

Here are this coming weeks homework due dates in advance. The following pages have been completed by some but not all. The Easter workbook pages 350-357 are due Wednesday 3/21. The Chapter 9 workbook pages 143-152 are due Friday 3/23.

part of secret code: FIRST

Worksheet page on triangles.  You should use your notes from class.

I will be handing out the division review on Tuesday 3/20  for our upcoming math test on Thursday, 3/22.  The test will only cover division, nothing else. The test will have 16 division problems; 12 one digit divisors and 4 divisors with zeros in the ones place. The review sheet will cover everything.

part of secret code: DAY

Week ending 3/23/18  Iowa testing week


Monday: Bubble Lung Capacity Lab question sheet




We will be wrapping up chapter 4 soon. I want to review and correct work packets in class and in order to do this I need all students to complete their packets. Most of the class has done so. However for those students who have not I am sending these packets home with due dates on each page that has not been completed. Please see that your child works diligently on these pages. we have been working on them in class and for a while and for some students, talking takes precedence over their work. These packets must be completed and on my desk for grading before Friday, 3/23. We will be finished going over them by the following Monday 3/26 and the chapter test will be on Tuesday, 3/27.

part of secret code: OF

You must read  Number the Stars for at least 15 minutes each night. If you have finished Number the Stars, you may choose a chapter book of your choice. Remember to write your journal entries for each chapter you finish (as you finish them) in your reading notebook. Your journal entries must contain at least one paragraph on the characters, events, and details from that chapter and a paragraph about your opinion and feelings on that chapter’s events.

We are taking a break on our Journal entries in order to complete the Quiz Time packets on Number the Stars. These Packets are Due on or before 3/28.  They were sent home to be completed for homework.

Part of secret code: SPRING

Monday: NO CLASS 

Tuesday: Organizing Your Ideas worksheet (will be graded) 




Unit 18 test Monday 3/26. Workbook pages 120-125 must be completed before test date. All workbooks will be collected on each test day to be marked.

part of secret code: IS

We have completed all unites in our vocabulary workbooks. Today was our last unit test. We will be keeping our workbook safe in our class room, on hand to use as a reference for our new vocabulary words. This is a valuable tool that we will be using on a day to day basis. We will also need them for the end of the year final. I will be selecting a few words from each unit for our final. The review will cover only the words selected. I will be handing them out in early May to study.

last part of secret code: TODAY!