Fifth Grade Homework

-Workbook pages 13, 14, & 15

Week ending 1/19

Test: Chapter 2 Friday 1/19

Tuesday 1/16/18   – Read lesson 4

Thursday 1/18/18 – Study for test on Chapter 2

Insert Homework Assignment

You must read 15 minutes each night. Parents must sign your login sheet for each night you read. (not per 15 mins) Tonight’s book is Hatchet. Unless you have completed the novel, then you may read any age appropriate chapter book of your choice. Remember to write your journal entries for each chapter you finish (as you finish them) in your reading notebook. Your journal entries must contain one paragraph on the characters, events, and details from that chapter and a second paragraph about your opinion and feelings on that chapter’s events.


Tuesday: Brainstorm 2 personal narratives ideas & write 4 details for each 

Wednesday: Complete packet pages

Thursday: Workbook page 133 


Unit 10 test Tuesday, 1/16. Workbook pages 72-77 must be completed before test date. All workbooks will be collected on each test day to be marked.

Unit 12, Test will be Friday 1/12. Workbook pages 118-125 must be completed before test date.